domingo, fevereiro 23, 2020

Post 7351 - Livros 2020 (15) Worth the Drive de Mara Jacobs

Worth the Drive de Mara Jacobs

Worth The Drive

"All Katie ever wanted was a baby. Be careful what you wish for. Katie Lipton is the town beauty, but that never got her what she wanted most-a baby. And, oh yeah, a faithful husband would have been nice, too. Reeling from her husband's cheating and desertion, Katie embarks on a one-night fling with professional golfer Dario Luna. Never could she have imagined that one night with Dario would give her something fifteen years of marriage couldn't-morning sickness. Dario was raised without a father, and he has no intention of the same fate befalling his child. He's still not sure about Katie, though. Did she trick him? Lie to him? But his feelings for her, and this crazy attraction he feels, soon has him putting his doubts aside to spend more time with her. He tells himself it's for the sake of the baby. Yeah. Right. Agreeing to try to work out some sort of relationship before the baby is due, Katie travels with Dario to his golf tournaments, walking the course with him by day...and giving in to their attraction by night. But will it be enough?"

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